A Small Cup Of Happiness

What is  happiness? Is it scoring 90 plus in school, getting admission in a good college or getting a job with a handsome pay right after the graduation? This question has baffled me right from my childhood. Coming from a middle class background, I have been lucky enough to get the best of everything. Right from the good schooling, best clothing, mobile, car and  other luxurious to securing 90 plus in 12 boards and making into one of the prestigious universities – Delhi University, one could say that my cup of happiness is filled up to its brim and it would be dishonest to say that it is not. In fact we all just need to take one glance at those who come from the poor strata of society to realize that  we are way happier than them. But a line needs to be drawn between what truly constitute happiness and the social responsibility which naturally come to us by  virtue of being humans.Under the garb of education, we are trained to become money making machines and are often expected to find  happiness and contentment by following the obvious and mainstream.  Most of us often mistake our responsibilities as happiness and sweat day in and day out to make the two ends meet. Well, as a matter of fact earning a decent living is indeed a happiness or better say a necessity but do we always need these big things to remain happy or is there an alternative ?. It is rightly said that  “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Scoring good marks, getting into  good college, good job or  marriage aren’t the only things that define us .There also exists other side which is often soft, small and far away from any  conventionalities . While the mainstream culture, robotic lifestyle satisfy our  bodily needs the other small,  neglected side satiates our soul.  Doesn’t our happiness multiplies when we  get to share our  success stories with our  friends, family or lover. Isn’t it exciting to go out with  couple of friends for a long bike ride during monsoon just for the sip of coffee or tea. Isn’t it beautiful to sit under a tree shade with your lover and do nothing but just let the silence fill the air and spread its charm. Do we always need words to express our innermost desires? Nay, words are too mainstream but silence is not. Spending some time alone also ensures happiness. In the present world of cut throat competition and sky rocketing prices, we have not just lost each other but also ourselves. There are several shades to a person’s character. No one can bet to know all the shades of oneself. Isn’t it the biggest lie we say  that we know everything about ourselves and yet stay in confusion for the most part of our lives.  There exists multiple personalities within us and in order to discover ourselves, we all need a “we” time, a time when you let your true , innocent, soft side to mix up with your  other socially defined, harsh and practical side. Chirping of a bird at dawn,  a view of still waters, splash of cold water, a cup of hot coffee and a good book while it’s raining outside and so many other innumerable things do magic on your soul. I am proud to say that I have stripped my soul to the aroma of coffee, smell of rain, pleasant cool breeze and so many other things which are small but not trivial. The effect of these things on your soul should not be trivialized. Let the brush  paint your soul with different colors of life. We are taught to see the brightness in white and darkness in black but take a moment out of your busy lives and see or appreciate the brightness in black and darkness in white. Happiness is all about drinking in from the small and different things of life. It’s the perspective which matters.


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