Ved- An All Time Character



The mind blogging chemistry of Ranbir – Deepika has escaped no one’s notice including mine so it was quite obvious for me to book the ticket of the  first day first show of their recent not so hit film Tamasha. Sitting in the theater with a couple of friends, I too just like others considered this movie to be another  typical masala film which expects to ride high on the successful pair. The movie begins with a scene in Corsica, France where Ranbir aka Ved meets Deepika aka Tara for the first time but instead of giving away  his ‘true’ identity right away he rather introduces himself as “Don” and addresses Tara as Mona darling. From here ,begins their fun journey where rather than  revealing their identities they chose to lay bare open their souls. Divorced from  reality, these two make most of the time wandering around the streets, racing with each other, wildly drinking water from the stream and all other things which are seen as “futile” from societies point of view. Meanwhile, Tara  gets attracted  Ved  but chose not to acknowledge. She makes the decision of flying back to India as sudden realization of attraction towards Ved unsettles her and so the separation comes. After this,  the movie focuses on life of Tara and four long  years’ of her agony which  passes away like the blink of an eye and finally she goes to Delhi on project. There, deliberately she meets Ved and confesses her feelings toward him. This is the first time where they reveal their true identities to each other and start going out on daily basis. The completely different avatar of Ved becomes apparent. Tara discovers that the  Ved she knew back in Corsika  is completely different now. He is too ‘gentleman’, self conscious , the one who licks the tail of his boss. Amidst this confusion, Ved proposes to Tara and she rejects his proposal outright as the Ved she knew is completely lost. She reminds Ved of his true character only to hear that he was playing a part back then and this is his real ‘self’. The first part comes to end and so the masala. The second part, which focuses more on the psyche of Ved rather than the relationship of Ved and Tara  failed to strike chord with the audience . The emotionally disturbed Ved  has started showing changes in his character as the acknowledgement of his divided self is open. We see different shades of Ved , who knocks at Tara’s door at midnight to talk to her softly but ends up shouting at her. His two selves are clearly at odd with each other and it reaches its peak when he shouts  at Tara openly and resists from her sorry’s and hugs. He goes back to his family which definitely is going back to one’s root to find the truth. The solution of the problem lies in his family. Being a single boy of his parents’, engineering was enforced upon him and as a result he has to abandon his childhood dream of story telling and go to college to pursue the field in which he doesn’t even had the remotest interest and he came out as an engineer who gets a job . For many parents’ , this is the ultimate achievement and so Ved too internalise this societal dreams and wears this self but his going back to family and making them realize that how he has been turned into a robot by following a conventional route takes an epic dig at ociety which thrives on patterns and conventions and cannot endure any diversion from it. Finally, Ved killshis pretentious self and gladly let the other self triumph and then he goes back to his lady love with “don”  .   It is no surprise that the movie Tamasha , directed by Imtiaz Ali failed to do the magic at the box office. We are after all used to stereotypical, masala films with senseless action and meaningless plots. The famous duo of Ranbir- Deepika were expected to deliver a mind blogging love story with multiple on-screen kisses or dance sequences in the rain. Yes, Tamasha had none of the scenes in it except for handful of kissing scenes . It is ironical that the message of the movie couldn’t be comprehended well by the  people given the fact that the character of Ved , played by Ranbir Kapoor is closest to reality than any other recent characters have been. While watching the movie in a theater , the only thing I heard from people  around is  that “Ranbir aka Ved has gone mad that’s why he is behaving in such a crazy fashion”. It was weird to see that how people equated Ved’s emotionally disturbed state to a mentally disturbed one. What people failed to see  is how Ved’s character is a reflection of every human alive on earth. Yes, you read it right, there is Ved in each one of us. The trope used by the director in the movie is “Dedoublement” which means undoubling or division of the self. The movie , using the trope of “Dedoublement” has taken a dig at society which compels people to behave in a certain socially dictated patterns and any diversion from it is soon  stamped  as madness .So, people calling Ved mad was not something shocking but something very obvious. Right from our childhood,  we  are told that earning a decent living should be the only aim of our lives and in order to accomplish that  we all  should  abandon our dreams or passions. It is tragic  to see that how abandoning of one’s dream is not seen as a loss rather it is seen as  something which is natural, something which every individual should do. The problem is further complicated when we realize that we live in a gendered society where roles of men and women are clearly defined. It is almost a sin for a guy to say that he hate maths and doesn’t want to do engineering or MBBS . Similarly, a girl is seen as nothing less than possessed when she says that she is not interested in household chores or  doesn’t know how to cook.

These strict societal rules  perpetuates a conventional, robotic life style and make us see any other way of living as abnormal. In order to be accepted in a society, we unconsciously split our self where one self is the direct outcome of societal patterns and the other self is free from the constraints of any dictated pattern. In this other self, our dreams are still alive. The saddest truth is that we let this truer self to be completely lost and proudly wear the socially dictated, subjected self. These two selves are often  at odd with each other but sometimes, somewhere in the deep thoughts or in the lonely corner of the street while watching a child play we let our lost, innocent,true self  take  over us. But sometimes due to too much pressure, the gap widens between the selves so much that the one self refuses to recognize the other. The mind becomes incapable of housing the two selves. This is what the character of Ved brings to light. The friction or gap between his two selves is so much that the moment someone acknowledges this gap, it emotionally disturbs him , unsettles him but the silver lining is, it also  gives him chance to kill the pretentious self and wears his true self. This is the beauty of the movie. It shows us his two selves, then the severe divide and then how he overcomes the battle and let his true self triumph. Also the fact, that this acknowledgment is brought to light by none other than his lady love, Tara makes Tamasha   one of the greatest love stories.


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