How to Sleep Better & Faster : 6 Best Ways

Top 6 tips to help you sleep well. 

After putting an end to my work, I go to bed but only to toss and turn around for the next 1 hour before I  could doze off to a  peaceful slumber. Unfortunately, sleep doesn’t come to me naturally as it does to some people. A peaceful sleep is a key to a healthy body and mind and  unable to sleep well at night comes with its own share of cons , with low productivity at work topping the list . So, after days’ of research , I finally laid  my hands on some of the ways by which one could sleep better at night.

How to get sleep at night fast.
Top ways on how to get sleep at night fast.
  1. Sleep at the same time always : Our body clock needs to be set accurately to ensure that we sleep better. Set a particular time by which you finish up with all your work and go to bed daily on that time. This helps body to get habituated to that particular time and with the passage of days’ , you will  start feeling sleepy at that time . On the contrary, going to bed daily at different time confuses your body which in turn will severely affect your sleeping pattern.
  2.  Download  sleeping apps : Gadgets and smart phones have purloined us off our sleep, but those same gadgets also ensure peaceful sleep by sleeping apps. There are scores of apps available on both Android and IOS , which helps one to sleep peacefully like ‘Pzizz’, that uses phychoacoustic principle- the effect of music in physiology that aids in creating beautiful landscapes. The combination of soothing melodies, sounds and voice de-stress’ the mind and let you doze off to  peaceful sleep. Sleep cycle, Sleep Time + , Sleep Genius , Sleep as Android,and many others are myriad of apps that are helpful.

3. Avoid Caffeine at night : To  all the caffeine lovers, ditch your tea or coffee at least  6 hours prior to sleep so that you can enjoy the peaceful sleep as caffeine induced drinks severely affect the quality of our sleep. We all know that caffeinated drinks refresh and  rejuvenate us, that’s why they  are enjoyed early in the morning, but as the day progresses’ , you should limit the caffeine consumption as studies have found that caffeine, being the simulator, stays in our body for several hours. It generally takes around 6 hours for one half of the  caffeine to get eradicated from our body. So it’s best to abstain from caffeine laden drinks during evening if you wish to sleep well at night. Also, if you are a smoker, then refrain from smoking at night as nicotine interferes and disturbs the sleeping  patterns.

Best tips to help you sleep well
Best tips to help you sleep well

4. Put away smartphones : One of the best ways to sleep better and  faster at night  is by  putting  your smart phones away. The blue light of smart phones affects the  release of Melatonin -a hormone , released by the brain , that controls sleep and wake  cycles. The secretion of Melatonin is inhibited by light and triggered by darkness, so it’s a strict NO to use phone while on bed.

Best ways on how to sleep through the night
Best ways on how to sleep through the night

5. Exercise : One of the simple ways of sleeping fast at night  is through exercise.  Exercising daily for about 15 to 30 minutes’, sharply improves the quality of  sleep. Stress is one of the stumble blocks which don’t let us sleep peacefully . Exercise or yoga ensures mental well being  by calming and de-stressing our mind , which in turn begets  peaceful and sound sleep. You can inculcate either a moderate work out like aerobics,  walking or high intensity workouts like running, skipping , etc.

Top tips of getting good sleep when stressed
Top tips of getting good sleep when stressed

6. Food : Revamp your diet with these foods that will help in putting you off to peaceful sleep. Cherry or cherry juice, specifically, Tart juice , is a great way to put an end to your day as it contains melatonin , a sleep inducing hormone.Also,  the presence of Tryptophan – a sleep enhancing amino acid in milk, walnuts and cereals make them apt to be consumed before sleeping. Fish, Jasmine rice, almonds, yogurt, whole grains , Kale, are some of the other foods that ensure better sleep.

Best food for good sleep
Best food for good sleep

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